Efficient and free trading experience starts with a powerful and fair trading platform, intuitive and easy to use, supports various order types, single-click order placing and charting tools.


Personal trading indicators

MT4 provides simple and easy-to-use tools to formulate personal trading indicators according to your trading style, and can easily implement transactions through exclusive indicator libraries, scripts and Expert Advisors.


Advanced chart tools

MT4 provides 31 chart analysis tools and 30 different trading indicators, you can set each indicator and chart category, establish parameters and display methods that suit you, so that you can get a satisfactory trading experience.


Diversified investment transactions

The best way to manage risk is to diversify investment. In WCG's MT4 trading platform, you can choose from a series of trading products and markets to strengthen and diversify your investment.


Intuitive and easy to use

Complete and comprehensive reports, such as tracking number, opening price, transaction volume, account status of all orders and comprehensive information about positions, can be provided in the terminal window. You can view real-time market information anytime, anywhere, to assist you in making rational trading decisions. More supports for intelligent trading (EA) and strategy back-testing systems, to provide you with a high degree of trading flexibility, supervision and control.

Automatic adaptability and scalability

Through the further development of the API program, WCG MT4 can be perfectly integrated with your existing trading equipment. No matter where you are in any corner of the world, you can always access your trading platform to customize your indicators, execute instructions and execute transactions. , Set limit prices, stop loss orders, and track market trends to ensure that you will not miss any trading opportunities and important market information even when you are outdoor.


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