Risk Disclaimer


1. Internet connectivity failure

Since WCG cannot control the signal capacity, the reception of signals through the Internet and routing depends on the structure of the client's equipment or the reliability of the connection. WCG does not responsible for communication failures, distortions or delays in transactions on the Internet.

2. Market risk and online trading

Precious metals trading involves significant level of risks and is not suitable for everyone. Please refer to the customer contract for a detailed introduction of risks. No matter how convenient or efficient online trading is, this does not reduce the risk of precious metals trading.

3. Password protection

Customers must keep the password confidential to ensure that third parties cannot access the trading facilities. The client agrees to be responsible for all instructions sent via email and all instructions sent to WCG via email, verbal or by written, even if issued by a third party, these instructions have been authenticated with the client's password and account number. According to WCG's judgment, it is believed to be basic authorization of clients. WCG does not responsible for making further inquiries about this apparent permission, nor it is responsible for the consequences of actions or non-actions based on these instructions or apparent permission.

4. Incorrect Price Quotation

When quotation or transaction price error occurs, WCG will not be responsible for the account balance error caused by this. These errors include, but are not limited to: dealer's wrong quotation, non-international market price quotation, or any quotation error (for example: hardware, software, network problems, or incorrect data provided by a third party). WCG does not responsible for the affected account balance caused by the error. When placing an order, you need to reserve enough time to execute the order and the time for system to calculate the required margin level. If the execution price of the order or the order setting is too close to the market price, it may trigger other orders (regardless of the order type) or results in a margin alert. WCG will not be responsible for margin reminders or incorrect account balances / positions due to the system's insufficient time to execute orders or perform calculations.The above shall not be regarded as an exhaustive list. In the event of a quotation or execution error, WCG reserves the right to make any corrections or adjustments. Any disputes related to quotation and transaction errors can only be resolved by WCG at its sole discretion. If this causes WCG to have any loss, damage or liability, the customer agrees to make compensation so that WCG will not suffer the loss.

5. Arbitrage

Internet issues, connection delays and errors in quotation sometimes cause the quotation displayed on the WCG Trading Platform does not accurately reflect the real-time market price. "Arbitrage" and "scalping", or the behavior of profiting from the price difference due to the delay of network connection, is prohibited in the over-the-counter market where customers directly trade with the dealer. WCG does not allow customers to conduct such arbitrage on the company's trading platform. Transactions that rely on arbitrage opportunities due to price lag may be cancelled. WCG reserves the right to make necessary changes and adjustments to the accounts involved in the aforementioned transactions. WCG may, at its sole discretion, require dealers to intervene or manually approve all orders or even terminate the accounts of relevant customers if necessary. WCG can completely resolve disputes arising from arbitrage or price manipulation on its own. WCG reserves the right to deduct the specific client's withdrawal until the above problems can be solved. Any actions or resolutions stated here will not damage or cause WCG to waive any rights or compensations held by customers and their employees.

6. Price, order execution and platform manipulation

WCG strictly prohibits any account from controlling its price, execution and platform in any form. If WCG suspects that any account is engaged in manipulation, WCG reserves the right to investigate and review the account, and deduct the profits earned from related activities from the suspected account. WCG reserves the right to make necessary corrections or adjustments to the relevant accounts. For accounts that are suspected of engaging in manipulation, WCG may, at its sole discretion, require dealers to intervene, approve orders, and terminate the accounts of relevant customers. Any disputes arising from arbitrage or manipulation shall be determined by WCG on its own. WCG may, at its discretion, report the incident to any relevant regulatory or law enforcement agency. Any actions or resolutions stated here do not exempt or impair WCG's rights or compensations to customers and their employees, and all are expressly reserved rights or compensations.

7. Bankruptcy Disclosure

The transactions between clients and WCG are not conducted on Exchanges. Once WCG goes bankrupt, the client may not get the priority of repayment from WCG. Without priority repayment, the client is an unsecured creditor, and will receive compensation from other creditors only after paying those priority claims.

8. Introducing Broker disclosure

WCG does not supervise the activities of the introducing broker, and is not responsible for any statements made by the introducing broker. WCG and the introducing broker are completely independent of each other. The direct agreement between WCG and the introducing broker does not establish a joint venture or partnership. The introducing broker is not an official agent or staff of WCG.

1. The client understands and agrees that if the client's account in WCG is introduced by an introducing broker, the introducing broker may obtain the customer's personal information and other data about the customer's transaction activities in the WCG account. The customer understands and agrees that if the customer's account in WCG is introduced by an introducing broker, the introducing broker shall not engage in transactions with the customer's WCG account unless the client authorizes the introducing broker to trade on behalf of the client through an authorization agreement.

2. Because the risk factor of CFD trading is very high, only real "high-risk" funds can be used for such transactions. If client has no surplus funds to lose, one should not trade in the CFD market.

3. The client understands that the introducing broker or many third parties who sell trading systems, courses, programs, research report or trading recommendations may not be regulated by government agencies.

4. If the customer has previously been told or believed that the use of any third party trading system, course, program, or research report or advices provided by the introducing broker or other third party will bring trading profits, the customer hereby confirms, agrees and understands on trading CFD transactions through any third party trading system.